Friday, August 14, 2015

Long lost update since 2013!! hehehe

It has been so long since i last posted into this idea why but seem to have lost touch in writing actually. Darts also took its turn to get away from me....hehehe Many events actually take place since 2013...As for CIMB Darters, we managed 3rd place in the NBSC Darts Tournaments for the 2nd consecutive years i.e 2014 and 2015. I took 3rd place in the Single event 2014 but did not manage to go through to the 3rd round in 2015. Not that well during the tournament in view of suffering from fever. However our darter, Sam managed 2nd place in the Single event 2015. Also went into some other small tournament locally with Bro Md Noor and Drago as well but things did not go well for us. Scrapped into loser pool but still hard to get to the last 16 though. Went to Kerteh Double with Faiz Drago but due to fever, the performance was not so good at all. At times only managed to get some high scores. Better luck some other time...hehe Kind of busy as well with other thing in my life. Darts can wait though. Will try my luck in the PDC Qualifier for SAQ next weekend. Huhu Cheers all for reading!

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