Sunday, August 30, 2015

Brocco participation in the latest 2015 PDC Qualifier for South Asian

I went to participate in the latest PDC Qualifier for South Asian on the 23rd August 2015 at Furama Hotel, near Pudu. Having registered on line via Nancy Ambrose and paid via Maybank2U earlier, I was hoping that my name will be displayed at the notice board over there at the tournament place in the early morning. I was wrong....totally wrong as my name was not indicated at all. I searched through all the list but none. Disappointed and angered was already inside me but lets wait, my heart told me. Thus, i waited until i noticed Nancy was coming from the lift on the 27th Floor and i promptly went to see her and complained about the incident. I suggested that if they did not want me to participate then at least pay me back my RM150 or otherwise gave me alternatives. She apologised to me saying that she had forgotten about my email and Whatsapp to her before. But she had a fallback plan where there are two dummy names created on the listing before. I choose number 27 where I was group with Sam Takashi, Attapol Eupakaree, Daniel Alexander and Zamry of Compressors at Board 16. I met Sam in the first game and thing was a bit slow for me where i got beaten in the 1st leg despite having chance to check as well. But I took the 2nd leg and unfortunately got beaten in the decider leg. 1-2 to Sam. I won again Daniel Alexander of Level 9th Darters by 2-1. I met Attapol of Thailand in the 3rd games where despite classy shows, i again went down by 1-2. Chances created but unable to be capitalized. I defeated Zamry in the last game by 2-0 and was positioned 3rd in the Group. Not qualified for the 2nd round though. Overall, I was happy to be in the tournament despite hiccup in the early morning. Advice to the Organizer..........Kindly ensure completion of paid participants in the playing list as you will demoralize them with a slight errors without you ever realizing it!!!! I use T90 Unicorn darts of 25 grams with Phase 5 stem and Target The Power Flights with long points.

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