Sunday, September 13, 2015

Golden Unicorn Paul Lim CC995 Soft Tip Darts Set

Another RARE collection of Golden Unicorn Paul Lim CC995 Soft Tip darts set in my possession. Indeed this is the new set in its original compact case. Just for my view and not to be played at all in view of its scarcity. Kindly view to appreciate it folks!

Sunday, August 30, 2015

Brocco participation in the latest 2015 PDC Qualifier for South Asian

I went to participate in the latest PDC Qualifier for South Asian on the 23rd August 2015 at Furama Hotel, near Pudu. Having registered on line via Nancy Ambrose and paid via Maybank2U earlier, I was hoping that my name will be displayed at the notice board over there at the tournament place in the early morning. I was wrong....totally wrong as my name was not indicated at all. I searched through all the list but none. Disappointed and angered was already inside me but lets wait, my heart told me. Thus, i waited until i noticed Nancy was coming from the lift on the 27th Floor and i promptly went to see her and complained about the incident. I suggested that if they did not want me to participate then at least pay me back my RM150 or otherwise gave me alternatives. She apologised to me saying that she had forgotten about my email and Whatsapp to her before. But she had a fallback plan where there are two dummy names created on the listing before. I choose number 27 where I was group with Sam Takashi, Attapol Eupakaree, Daniel Alexander and Zamry of Compressors at Board 16. I met Sam in the first game and thing was a bit slow for me where i got beaten in the 1st leg despite having chance to check as well. But I took the 2nd leg and unfortunately got beaten in the decider leg. 1-2 to Sam. I won again Daniel Alexander of Level 9th Darters by 2-1. I met Attapol of Thailand in the 3rd games where despite classy shows, i again went down by 1-2. Chances created but unable to be capitalized. I defeated Zamry in the last game by 2-0 and was positioned 3rd in the Group. Not qualified for the 2nd round though. Overall, I was happy to be in the tournament despite hiccup in the early morning. Advice to the Organizer..........Kindly ensure completion of paid participants in the playing list as you will demoralize them with a slight errors without you ever realizing it!!!! I use T90 Unicorn darts of 25 grams with Phase 5 stem and Target The Power Flights with long points.

Saturday, August 15, 2015

Paul Lim Soft Tip Rare darts in the Wooden Unicorn Box

Let me show you my next Paul Lim Darts set. This is a soft tip darts set comes with a unique Unicorn Wooden Box. A very nice presentation box and very rare darts set indeed. Also comes with a unicorn bag. Such a rare type of collection indeed. Take a look folks :

Friday, August 14, 2015

The Very Rare Golden Unicorn Paul Lim 25gm owned

I am a very proud owner of this very rare Golden Unicorn Paul Lim 25gm. The condition is mint. Never been thrown on the dartboard and I will definitely keep this for a very long time for the next generation to value its scarcity!!!! Take a look folk! Nothing much to talk about this darts set though as probably i am the only one here in Malaysia who own this virgin darts set!!!!Hohohohoho!!!....see for yourselves!!

Paul Lim's Unicorn Darts collection

I managed to collect few rare Unicorn darts set of the Legend Paul Lim of Singapore. Some people may say that the first darts are not the genuine Paul Lim's but to me this is the 1st Variety of Paul Lim Darts All Stars. I do not give a damn to those people who claimed to be a Paul Lim supporter but they actually have a shallow mind about this product! Like what actually been labelled to the Rare coin of Malaysia 10 sen 1971 where three varieties are available in the market. V1, V2 and V3. These are expensive coin of Malaysia amid its 10 sen face value! You have to fork out almost RM5K to own the unc / ef first Variety though!!! Take a look at my V1 Paul Lim All stars Darts set
The second set is the 2nd Variety of Paul Lim All Stars Darts set which is having a signature of the legend himself. It has not been very easy to obtain this darts set nowadays. People are keeping them in view of its rarity...hohoho

Long lost update since 2013!! hehehe

It has been so long since i last posted into this idea why but seem to have lost touch in writing actually. Darts also took its turn to get away from me....hehehe Many events actually take place since 2013...As for CIMB Darters, we managed 3rd place in the NBSC Darts Tournaments for the 2nd consecutive years i.e 2014 and 2015. I took 3rd place in the Single event 2014 but did not manage to go through to the 3rd round in 2015. Not that well during the tournament in view of suffering from fever. However our darter, Sam managed 2nd place in the Single event 2015. Also went into some other small tournament locally with Bro Md Noor and Drago as well but things did not go well for us. Scrapped into loser pool but still hard to get to the last 16 though. Went to Kerteh Double with Faiz Drago but due to fever, the performance was not so good at all. At times only managed to get some high scores. Better luck some other time...hehe Kind of busy as well with other thing in my life. Darts can wait though. Will try my luck in the PDC Qualifier for SAQ next weekend. Huhu Cheers all for reading!

Monday, February 11, 2013

New Name for Zaidi "Brocco"

From 2013 onwards, i would like to be known as Zaidi "Brocco" The Clutcher" in the darts events. The Clutcher is actually given by Eddie Putera (you know the famous photographer in Malaysia nowadays) to me when we were in the Malay College 1985/1987 undergone our GCE A Level studies before proceeded to the UK universities. I was the goalkeeper for the U-20 College Team as well as the goalie for the famous All Black A Level MCKK Team. MY form was the best at tha times where we have beaten almost every team we played in Kuala Kangsar be it the league team or the estate teams from nearby. The team also went to RMC Sg Besi to compete in the annual 1996 tournament organised between the famous two colleges in Malaysia. I plucked various crosses and made lots of point blanks saves during my heyday at the MCKK. I also played for the Newcastle Malaysia Students in the Annual Malaysian game where Newcastle Team was top in the UK. And whilst in the UK as well i was introduced to Darts.....Not by anyone but when this sport was aired in the TV much of the times. Eric Bristow The Crafty Cockney was the legend at that time. I became hooked at it and started collected darts set (cheapo ones) and dartboard as well. My room was later turned into the darts battling station amongs my good friends. But at that time, football is still my passion because i played in the university league as well as for the Islamic Society Team competed in the other tournament. ZAIDI BROCCO THE CLUTCHER!!!!!!!!!!!!!