Friday, August 14, 2015

Paul Lim's Unicorn Darts collection

I managed to collect few rare Unicorn darts set of the Legend Paul Lim of Singapore. Some people may say that the first darts are not the genuine Paul Lim's but to me this is the 1st Variety of Paul Lim Darts All Stars. I do not give a damn to those people who claimed to be a Paul Lim supporter but they actually have a shallow mind about this product! Like what actually been labelled to the Rare coin of Malaysia 10 sen 1971 where three varieties are available in the market. V1, V2 and V3. These are expensive coin of Malaysia amid its 10 sen face value! You have to fork out almost RM5K to own the unc / ef first Variety though!!! Take a look at my V1 Paul Lim All stars Darts set
The second set is the 2nd Variety of Paul Lim All Stars Darts set which is having a signature of the legend himself. It has not been very easy to obtain this darts set nowadays. People are keeping them in view of its rarity...hohoho

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