Monday, February 11, 2013

New Name for Zaidi "Brocco"

From 2013 onwards, i would like to be known as Zaidi "Brocco" The Clutcher" in the darts events. The Clutcher is actually given by Eddie Putera (you know the famous photographer in Malaysia nowadays) to me when we were in the Malay College 1985/1987 undergone our GCE A Level studies before proceeded to the UK universities. I was the goalkeeper for the U-20 College Team as well as the goalie for the famous All Black A Level MCKK Team. MY form was the best at tha times where we have beaten almost every team we played in Kuala Kangsar be it the league team or the estate teams from nearby. The team also went to RMC Sg Besi to compete in the annual 1996 tournament organised between the famous two colleges in Malaysia. I plucked various crosses and made lots of point blanks saves during my heyday at the MCKK. I also played for the Newcastle Malaysia Students in the Annual Malaysian game where Newcastle Team was top in the UK. And whilst in the UK as well i was introduced to Darts.....Not by anyone but when this sport was aired in the TV much of the times. Eric Bristow The Crafty Cockney was the legend at that time. I became hooked at it and started collected darts set (cheapo ones) and dartboard as well. My room was later turned into the darts battling station amongs my good friends. But at that time, football is still my passion because i played in the university league as well as for the Islamic Society Team competed in the other tournament. ZAIDI BROCCO THE CLUTCHER!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Good Start for the 2013 Darts Tournament entered

Capitan took part in the Selangor Open 2013 which was held at Holiday Villa Hotel n Suites Subang Jaya on the 1st to 3rd February 2013. Team Broccos only took part in the Double and Single event. In the Double event, we were not performing up to the expected level where we were beaten by MBSA and two other teams in the group G. We managed zero only. Beaten 0-3, 0-3 and 0-3 by the others. Shame on us. Actually because we did not have much rest in view of stayed up late the night before practising darts...hehehe However, luck was on my side in the Single event where i managed to hold on until the top two in the Group stage togehter with Bro. Latip Sapup. I got bye in the 1st round in view of the darter did not turn up. In the 2nd match, i played Adrian and i won 3-0. I went on to beat Rafful in the last match of the group by 3-1 and registered 180 scores in one of the legs. Having qualified in the knockout stage of last 32, i was drawn against Bro Azaihary of Zuk Darters. He is such a talented darter and had taken joint 3rd place in the Double event before. I went on to take the 1st leg in the match before again taken the 2nd leg and Bro Azaihary took the 3rd leg. I responded by winning the 4th leg and went on to qualify for the last 16 men in the tournament. I then proceeded to face Bro Zulridzan of Dury in the next round but things were not on my side and i lose 0-3 against Zul. Zul scored considerably high at each throw and i was a bit kelam-kabut with the scorings despite registered a few higher points. All in all, it was a good experience though as this is the 1st time i managed to qualify to the last 16 men in the tournament. I will double up my efforts in becoming the better darter in the country and hopefully, luck will be with my side in the next tournament i join in..:) Obtained joint 9th place is not a bad experience though.....hehehe

So Long Silence since 2011

It has been a very long silence from the Capitan......various events entered since 2011 HMKL...mostly stopped at the either 1st round or 2nd or 3rd round..hehehe Well, back to CIMB Darters, we emerged 2nd runners up in the NBSC 2012 Championship...Capitan fought very well to qualify until the Quarterfinal for the Single event whereas in the Team event, we were stopped by HSBC to qualify for the final. We defeated RHB in the 3rd and 4th place event. Not bad to emerge Bronze medalists for the 2nd successive years in the NBSC. Zahar became the new player of the year for CIMB. He assisted a lot for the team and partnered me in the double event for CIMB. At the end of the tournament, i did encourage the players to venture outside and play in the many tournaments organised by KLDA and SEDA but sadly, i did not see most of them taken part. I only saw other bankers like HSBC, AMbank, AGRO etc went on to play in most of the outside tourneys. My newly set up Team BROCCO'S went to take part in the HMKL 2012. I led the team who consists of my Son and two nephews and we did quite well in the event despite been defeated by Zuk Darters, Shanghai Darters and Brunei Team in the Group event. We wenton to take part in the Losers Pool and defeated a team from Melaka before been gunned down by KL team to qualify for the last 16. What an experience for the kids.
As for me i went on to play in the Melaka Open (Single event) and did not able to go to the 2nd round though :) I entered the Malaysian Open 2012 which was held in Johor's Amansari Hotel. Team HSBC also took part in the tourney. I was beaten by Kampung Air Brunei Darter in the grouping stage though. I took part in the last event of the Single series organised by KLDA / SEDA at Bamboo Pub, Jalan Ipoh where I managed to collect 5 points where I defeated Lim HP in my 1st match but i was beaten by Ahmad Idris in the next round and then damn incident took place in my match with Beeman where i was denied a decider leg by the Chalker, Ahmad Idris and the Officials as well because i had checked out at DOUBLE TWO but the chalker seem unnoticed while on duty and did not inform all that i have checked. By WDF Rules, it should have been a checkout despite other darts been threwn in view of the mistake committed by the chalker. Damn!!!! I was a bit mad at the silly decision made by them on the evening and straight went back home after that incident.