Friday, October 30, 2009

New Dartsboard Put Up at the 35th Floor, MBC Office

Well, finally i managed to put up Winmau Carlsberg Dartsboard at the pantry of my 35th Floor, MBC Office. This is also possible because our new Group Head, Effendy had announced that we did not have to be relocated to MSB, Damansara. But, not permanently be here as we have yet to be determined whereabout of our next move. Staff shown keen interest in darts but no initiative to purchase their own darts set yet. I have to provide few old darts sets in order to keep the lads going....:)

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Bumi Sepang Single Tourney Oct 2009

I woke up quite early today....Took bath and have had breakfast...Simple one and off i went to Salak Tinggi Kosmopleks....Actually i have another assignment waiting on the late afternoon i.e. photo shooting session with PSPJ...What d heck.....have a go at Darts first.
Damn whereabout is the F212, Lorong 6, Kosmopleks tuh???? Went searching and finally found d place......pi minum jap kat corner restaurant...afterthat, went upstairs and saw quite a lot of participants...frm various clubs...

Tourney started at around 10.45 am...I was grouped with AJ Sham, Azhar, Khairul and Mahadi in Group D. Just go and baling je darts tuh....U came just to investigate and feel d place n get to know people too....First match against AJ Sham....Quite an experienced this guy,,,,he led 1-0 and i balas 1 leg too....When naik sheh la....but i lose d bout when he put up 180 and ended the shootout with 115 finishing....2nd match against Mahadi.....Also i lose 1-2 but fought gallantly too...scores are higher n not 40 n below la...3rd match against Azhar also i fought gallantly with a decent scores and impressive performance despite 1st timer there,,,,went down 1-2 also...He is d local Sepang Darter maa.....last bout was against the lad called Khairul.....This guy also quite a master with higher scores almost all d times,...cud not match him n went down 0-2....
Overall, i am satisfied with my 1st outing at Kosmopleks....Been so long didnt compete in the tourney....Also met MH (Zamy) of MDJ Darters n had a few chat with him.....
Went back almost immediately after last match in view of other obligation in photography..:) Invested puluhan ribu on camera paraphernalia lorrr!!!

Friday, October 16, 2009

New Item Bought

I purchased a new dartsboard Puma Bandit (the one used in Malaysia Open 2009) from one of the sportstores at PC - Pertama Kompleks..:) Kind of like Puma Bandit as I kinda hate Winmau Blade III used at home.....macam unstable n the ring macam one kind je lah...dunno how to describe actually....RM200 terbang for the board....:)

Actually i have another Winmau Carlsberg board at the office....just waited there to b fixed to the wall...unfortunately, d situation at d office offlate macam x nak let me proceed with the completion of dart centre there,.....heheh...Lagi pun, some of us has moved to 5th Floor of MBC...part still kat 35th FLoor.....also heard that we r supposed to b relocated to Plaza Damansara plak dah!!! Very demoralising though..

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Records taken for personal darts development

I kept records for highest points chalked with three darts since a couple of years practicing at home....I only recorded the 120 n above...As for a tonner, i just ignored it...too much to record compared to the 120 n above....Highest / perfect darts 180 were normally chalked whenever i used Harrow's Eric Bristow Gold Titanium Tungsten Steeltip 26gm....The latest 180 chalked by using Trina Gulliver's Winmau 25gm i.e. 10.10.09....I kind of like this darts set bcos it was quite easy to manuevre too..........,....Itupun i hardly find time to practice daily,,,,,at times, mayb 1-2 times in a week....but, at least i practiced. Football yet to resume...perhaps Tsunamis still on Raya mood...too many lemang, dodol, kuih-muih to be munched, i guessed.....:)

I also read Darts books.....a couple of books with me since i took darts back in Newcastle Upon Tyne.....but not much like football, the game i love more..:)

A bit about big event like Msian Darts Open

I noticed that the coverage is not that much in the Media Massa when bigh tourney like Msian Open for Darts compared to other sports like football, hockey, badminton, cricket, tennis, squash and so on....Infact there is none in the newspaper in the Peninsular compared to the ones in Sabah n Sarawak.....Dunno why but i guessed it was not popular enough back here in Peninsular or no efforts done by respective parties to ensure it will be covered by the Media Massa....No bloody Media photographers in the big event like this.....Only me with the big L lenses as individual photographer...:) others just an ordinary p n s ones and those with the camcorder for personal consumption...I shud request to be the official photographer for local tourneys and so forth, i guessed...hehehe

As for the future events, i hope that MDF will do something to ensure that the events will attract Media Massa and things could be done to promote Darts in Peninsular Malaysia...MDF should work hand in hand with the Sports Ministry to agressively popularise Darts...I am sure thousands / millions of darts enthusiasts here....We could produce World Champions like those in the UK n Europe and not just jaguh kampung di rantau ini....We r World Champions already in Badminton, Squash, Cycling, Lawn Bowl etc....tak mustahil we can produce World Darts Champion too....

Just my 2 cents...

Still on Msian Open Darts Tourney 2009

Friday, October 9, 2009

Photos Msian Open 2009

Continuation of Msian Open 2009

I went to check in the Resort on 4th July (afternoon)...........Spending times at the beach, swimming, photo session n so forth...At times, went to the matchroom. That nite, team Super G (Philippinos) took on Callyn's Madhouse (KL Based Pub) in the final of Team event. Super G went on to beat the Pub's Team and became Champion of 2009. Quite a lot of money they took for been a Champion.

Single event started on the morning of 5th July. As early as 9 am, the event started with I was drawn against the Brunei's lad, Awang Madeni of MSD Hawk. Who the heck is that guy? I kept on thinking. Tried to reki2, n then knew that he is part of the hebat punya team from Brunei....Damn it man!! Mampus aku but life goes on, i have to fight this guy no matter win or lose...Nothing to lose bcos i only came here to gain xperience n holidaying actually...:)

We played at board 33 and i started very well with no 26 scores. Awang was a real pro actually. He even obtained 180 to take the 1st leg with such an ease. I cant say much on his form. I fought gallantly in the 2nd leg and despite registered a ton and 140 also , i cannot match this Brunei guy who went on again to take the match with a 32 checkout. I shook his hand and wish him good luck in the next round. Rupanya he is actually a real pro, man!!! He went up to the Quarterfinal of the single event and only been stopped there by Mohd Latif, the runners up of the Malaysian Open Single event category. I heard that Coach Amin was beaten by Mohd Latif after he successfully went top in his group matches.

During this single event, i came to know various lads from various countries as well as local lads. There Tengku Hadzali, Keshvinder Singh, The President of MDF, assistant2 nya, Kuda, Clarines, Taro Yashi of Japan and lots more.....I spent the rest of free time collected photos with my Canon EOS 5D (been an enthusiast Photographer too)...

Final was held on that nite with Clarines Joseph of Kitchen Darters took on Mohd Latif of MBSA...Earlier on, Clarines defeated Taro Yashi of Japan and Mohd Latif defeated a guy from Philippines (forgot his name lah)....Clarines came out top to become the 29th Malaysian Open Darts Single Champion........He was good,,really good...

29th Malaysian Open Darts Tourney 2009

I decided to enter the 29 Malaysian Open Darts Tourney which was held in Kota Kinabalu (July 2009)to gain more experience in Darts....Not just as a hobby but to seriously look into possibility to re-embark into darts when i decided to hang my Goalkeeper's gloves for good...hehehe :)

Afterall, its good to be back to KK for a holidays as it has been quite long since my last visit there (that is during my Audit tenor with the Bank).,...Its Karambunai Nexus Resort maa!! Expensive holidays resort...

I booked MAS tickets for the family and contacted Karambunai Resort to book the family room for two nights. I reached KK two days earlier before the tourney in order for us to be able to have a sightseing around KK and surroundings. Initially, stayed at Promenade Hotel for two nights and rented Proton Waja n off we went to various places of interest there. Also able to visit the Resort where Team event took place. There i contacted Bro Amin who played for the Dream Team n he was rested in his room prior engaging in the next match. We took a walk at the beach and then went back to the matchroom. I saw Dream Team played against SRC Sabah Team and they lose the 4some. Coach Amin took another single player of SRC and he too went down to the lad of Sabah. Might be his unlucky day bcos i saw that he was not able to even get a decent scores during the match. What i knew was that Dream Team went down to the SRC Sabah. Later, i went back to KK for another round of window shopping with family.

Thursday, October 8, 2009

The other two left handers darters yng aku kagumi

Mark Webster (12 Aug 1983) and James Wade (6 Apr 1983) are the other left handed players (aku left handed maa!!) yang bagus di arena Darts di UK sana......

Mark Webster (Webby) is actually not a full time professional player as his main career being a Plumber. He is sponsored by Winmau Dartboard company.

He won World Championship in 2008. He also won Wold Cup Single in 2007.

James Wade (The Machine) is an English Professional darts player. He became the youngest player to win a major PDC title at the World Matchplay in July 2007. He has since won the 2007 World Grand Prix and the 2008 UK Open.

He achieved three nine darts finishes during 2006 calendar year (a record)....2006 PDC Young Player of the Year and 2007 PDC Player of the Year. Current ranking of no. 2 in the world after The Power and before Barney (3).

Some Facts about Raymond Van Barneveld (Barney)

Barney (the Belanda man) was born on 20 April 1967,,,,,,sama tahun dgn aku lahir beb!!...

5 times World Darts Champion, 2 times UK Open Champion and Las Vegas Desert Classic Champion.

Barney uses 25gm Unicorn Barney Prototypes.......See my man.....Berat2 jugak darts set yang digunakan oleh para champion kita nih!!!..:)

Barney also had threw televised nine dart finish in 2009 PDC World Darts Championship in the 1/4 final match against his fellow countreyman, Klaasen on 02 Jan 2009. Barney threw his 4th nine darts finish in the Blue Square UK Open West Midlands REgional on 29 Mar 2009 in the 3rd round against Kirk Shepherd (the new rising star nih!!)

Some Facts about Phil "The Power" Taylor

Philip Douglas Taylor is an English Darter...Born on 13 August 1960. Generally considered as the greatest darts player ever. Won over 14 world championships and over 75 other major tourneys.
He made ceramic toilet roll handles earning no more than 52 pounds a week at a time. Sir Eric Bristow decided to sponsor Phil to the tune of 10,000 pounds on the condition that it had to be repaid. The investment paid off....:)

Taylor also led the creation of a new organization i.e. World Darts Council which later became the Professional Darts Corporation (PDC) in 1993.

Taylor hold numerous records for high scoring in darts, his three darts average per match records are higher than anyone else in the history of darts. He has also achieved more televised nine-dart finishes than anyone and the most overall in major events.

Taylor has 4 kids - Lisa, Chris, Kelly and Natalie - with wife Yvonne. He supports his home town football club Port Vale.

What is important to note here is Taylor uses 26gm Unicorn the Power Phase 5......Berat beb!! Sama berat Darts Set yang aku dok guna.........This year shown that Taylor uses the slick type of darts set....I also got the slick type of darts set but a torpedo type lerr.....easy to manuevre beb!

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Darts in 2009

CIMB Team did not enter the MIBA 2009 in view of the protest against AMBANK which claimed to feature non staff in the last tourney. They won overall Title in view of that. Tarak aci lorr!!!!!

We went on to enter NBSC Darts Tourney. After short selection, we took another new player i.e. Imran and played two friendly matches i.e. HSBC n Petronas......As usual, i did not want to be label as 26 players like what some of the players claimed to be because it will bring down your moral.....U have to set a high standard n confident!! At least to me....Afterall, i have played so many-many years b4 n not like some of them b4....They even 4got abt it....

We played HSBC at B Sentral......We beat them despite a tough challenge. I won my bout in the last single match against Firdaus with gallant victory....It show the POWER!!

Later on the other night, we went to play against Petronas Team at Amin Alley, Ampang Cahaya. I checked for the foursome event. But we lose all the other bouts. Despite registered 180 in the last single match, i was not able to match Brother Petronas....I have d chance but it was not my night. Takdir kekalahan pada malam itu.

NBSC Tourney 2009 was held at K Klub Tmn Melawati. Single Tourney started on the Friday n those 4 semifinalists last year were given a Bye by the organiser including myself....:) Relax Beb!!! Relax punya relax, when the turned came, I lose against Khairil of HSBC in the 2nd round (tp x pe bcos Khairil turned out to be the Single event Winner rupanya)....bahana dpt bye gitu le nampaknya...This year 'Ane" Jega berjaya sampai ke semifinal n obtained 4th place....We supported him all d way.....But to CIMB, aku masih memegang rekod 3rd in the single event so far!!! hehehe...................Sebelah malamnya menyaksikan perlawanan team bermula....We started against HSBC but lose d blouts....2moronya, we played against few more opponents....I was put as 1st single plak dah.....b4nya, ada 1-2 players were gah diangkat tinggi sangat oleh coach sampai budak2 baru yng nak join the team masa selection pun menyampah tengok...This is what i obtained from them actually. :) I gave my best for the team and the last match against RHB was about the best because I helped the team in the 4some, won against Mathew in the 1st single and d decider has to be determined by rematch of 4some. Again i led the team successfully...I checked for the team and CIMB went on to take 3rd spot in the NBSC Darts 2009....The best place so far since joining the tourney back in 2007....Tourney ended and some players took photos n i did not bring my Canon EOS 5D to capture the moment of glory on that nite...Din took lots of photos with his P n S Canon Ixus camera....But till today, all of us have yet to get to see the photos.