Friday, August 12, 2011

HMKL International Darts Challenge 2011

HMKL 2011 darts Challenge was the best so far for the Capitan. Capitan was picked to join the first timers together team that combined Masrul from Sepang Darters, Iwan from the then D'Taza Darters, Bro Azli @ Bek from Dury MBSA, Zaidi and Ahyarrudin from CIMB Bank. At first, we do not know what name to be given to this team and at the very last minutes, Dury 7 was used in view of there were other two Dury teams that took part in the same tourney.

Dury 7 only trained once at the Summit's Century Club where three members turned up and pair each other plus other team darters that night. Actually, Proton Lekior team members were present that night where they played their single league.

50 teams took parts in the HMKL 2011 where we seen Philipino, Brunei, Spore and other locals team participated. Dury 7 was scheduled against ADAM Melaka and Fantasy Darters. Unfortunately, in view of lacking preparation and been playing for each other for the first time, we lose the both bouts. We were then drawn into the 2nd Chance Pool the very next day.

We met Locos Ladies in the 1st match and we had no difficulties in defeating them though quite scary though with the 1st Single event where Ina took 180 and marginally beaten by Masrul. I did not have to play in the double event in view of Dury 7 had secured enough points to beat the Locos Ladies. The next bout was against Fantasy Blue Darters. We did exceptionally well by defeated them again to enter the semi final where the opponents are the BSRC Brunei darters where Penggiran Mohd is one of the team members. Again, we did our very best to defeat the Brunei team and went on to the Final to meet Team Proton Lekior.

Luck was on our side again where good darts and God's willing, we were crowned 2nd Chance Pool Champion for 2011. RM1500 was the price money and we divided among ourselves satisfactorily. Unfortunately, Ahyarrudin was not there for the last two days due to various reasons but i dont know what went wrong to his darts skill on the 1st day where the scores were low and he seem lost somewhere. Thus, the four of us had to fight our very best to emerge Champion for the 2nd Chance Pool.

Super G of the Phillippines took the Team event title on that night where they defeated Malury Blue Hades (ada import players from Thailand)

On Sunday, we entered the Single event where Masrul took one of the Kitchen Darters guy, I took Faizal of D'Mak Team and Bro Bek took one of the other darters there. We did not have luck in the Single event where i and Masrul lose in the 1st round but Bro Bek kandas in the 2nd round.

Well, thats about it on the local darts scene for now. Njoyyyyyy!!!

Inter Bank Darts Tourney 2011

I came back from Europe just in nick of time to enter the Inter Bank Darts Tourney 2011. I had two days training at Amin Alley Darts Studio as this is our training camp for CIMB. The tourney started on Friday 17th June 2011 @ Bank Rakyat. We started well by defeated HSBC B by a very big margin. Then we were unluckily been defeated by Bank Rakyat by just a slight margin though Capitan won his bout. Later that day, Single event took place. Capitan was drawn against Jai of HSBC. Again Capitan defeated Jai by 2-0. Capitan went on to defeat Halim of Bank Rakyat by 2-1 and in the cQuarter Final, Capitan met Stephen of RHB. Capitan managed well in the 1st leg but due to slightly poor form in the 2nd and final leg, Capitan had to bow down to him 1-2. Whatever it was, a very good display by Capitan where the other two single participants from CIMB did not even make it to the 2nd round.

The very next day, CIMB met SCB where we again won the match with a slight margin. Unfortunately, Capitan lose the match against Akram. The next match, CIMB met The Tiger and we did a very good job by defeated them with a big margin too. CIMB was top of the A Group. In the semi, we met AMBANK where due to poor form, we were easily been defeated by them. Capitan also lose his bout by 1-2 against Bro Hj.

On Sunday, we met again SCB to decide for the 3rd and 4th place. We lose the 4some but then Capitan took 2-0 win against Akram to avenge the yesterday's defeat and my the rest of my bteam members did a very good job to ensure CIMB captured 3rd place in the 2011 Inter Bank Darts Tourney. RHB won the tourney by defeated AMBANK.

Overall, Capitan satisfied with the winning despite two days training before the tourney. Bravo to team CIMB. We will try again next year to be the BEST!!!

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Been Silence for Quite Sometime

It has been a while since my last posting. A lot of thing happened since then but most importantly, I am very busy at work...:)

At last I owned Target Perfect Storm 24gm from Sykt Car n Co, PJ. The dart set is nice and I love it although Sigma Pro XL is very much my favourite so far.

I have been waiting for the NBSC Inter Bank Tournament 2011 to be announced since April 2011 but it was not available until I left for my holidays in the Europe recently. I took off from KLIA on 30th May to Heathrow, London with my wife. Trial for CIMB taken place after i left Malaysia. Luckily for me that i have alerted Ananth and few players that I will not be available for two weeks during that time.

Visited lot of places in the UK and Europe but was unable to find where actually these Mat Saleh jual quality dart set and goalkeeper gloves like Reusch and Uhlsport like what been advertised online. Damn!!

Will continue writing later.............Cheers!!

Thursday, March 10, 2011

My Office's Darts Activities

I promoted darts to some of my office mates by putting up dartboard in our spacious store. They are now enjoying darts games every day after office hours and I did make it very interesting by playing handicap matches against them in view of attracting them to take up darts seriously. Actually I needed new faces for the bank as current players are not really enough to make a very strong team in the future tourneys. At least to have few back up players and hopefully to be able to have one dart team for my department. I will try to lure them into taking part in whatever local tourneys once they are ready for it. As for now, let them njoy the game and the Master is still polishing n njoying nabbing them in the evening matches...hehehe

Friday, February 11, 2011

Many new Unicorn items at Sykt Car n Co

I had an opportunity to visit Sykt Car n Co recently and was amazed to see lots of new Unicorn gadgets were put on sale. Kindly pay them a visit and you could purchase dream darts gadgets of yours there. Among others are Barney Black, The Power Black, Phase 5 Rosso, XL Sigma Pro, Sigma Pro 970 and etc. Many kind of flights were also seen. Mr Dass will be able to advise you on the selection of darts gadgets....:)

Till then,,,,,,,cheeriooooooo!!

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Sigma Flights

I went to Sri Hartamas's Latiff Place to try some darts set and was surprised to see that theres a lot of Sigma flights there. Perhaps just arrived there. Thus, took opportunity to own some of it. Spent about RM50 on the various flights. Also tested some darts like Black Barney's Unicorn but didnt really like it though. Also viewed some dartboards like Harrow's Matrix, Winmau etc...probably will take Matrix board later once i feel like discarding the Puma Bandit at home.

I did some reading also on various darts book owned. Particularly Darts Bible and the one produced by John Lowe the legend....:) Will tell about the books i read in the next postings...

Till then,,,,,,cheerio!!!!!

Sunday, January 9, 2011

My Darts Equipments

I owned Sigma Pro 970 plus T90 darts set with various flights and shafts. It was actually very damn difficult to obtain Sigma Flights in Malaysia but i managed at last when Bro Peroad brought it to Bumi Sepang Tourney last year. I also managed to modify some of the unicorn flights into becoming Sigma Flight.....also ordered some from the UK together with additional shaft for rainy days...hehehe.

I planned to 'tangkap' Target dart set that i saw once in the advert recently....dunno whats d name but it is pretty attractive to be owned though...:) Maybe i will buy another The Power's dart set which he currently use or perhaps the Adrian Lewis's one.....the new PDC World Champion maaa...hehehe

To update later all...:)

After A Long Silence......:)

Its been a damn long silence from ZA1-Darter........havent got time to update all darters and d followers actually. Times mostly spent on other things. Too lazy to ngadap PC n do the updating.

Well, let me recap / review my darts participation since the last time after coming from Hong Kong / Shenzhen, China. I actually went on to participate in Melaka Open but got crashed in d 1st round by Razak Sepang by 1-3. Then went on to Malaysia Open in Kota Kinabalu 1 Borneo where i managed to wenton to the 3rd round in the Group matches but was beaten by Tony Teo of Singapore. Good progress since the last Malaysia Open 2009 where i was knockout by Awang Madeni in the 1st round (Awang Madeni was the eventual quarter finalist in that year wooo)..I was with my nephew competed in the Malaysia Open in 2010. But he was easily beaten by Lahad Datu Darter in view of his lack of experience and training........

Next I went on the compete in the Pahang Open 2010 where i managed to only crawled to the 2nd round and got defeated by Kuantan lad there. But again good matches though..........

I did go to the Bumi Sepang Single Tourney in 2010 and did extremely good there. Top in the group after winning all 4 matches in the group with 180 darts recorded in the last match but again due to fatique for a long waiting in the next round, i got beaten by Osman of KLIA. 0-3

Today, i went to Amin Alley Darts Studio for a single Tournament / Blind Draw for the Double event. I went down to Amin (Petronas i guess) by 1-2 in the single event. Amin was then the eventual winner in the Single Event today....:) Not bad but my engine was at that time yet to get heated....:p

In the Double event, i partnered Peroad of KLIA Mas....We did quite well although we lose in the 1st three matches. We put up gallant fight in the remaining two matches and won it by 2-1 and 2-0. We were placed 4th in the Group. Thats it for today....:)

Were also told by those at the tourney that there will be many more tourneys planned by various parties. Also been informed that NBCS Darts will be held in April 2011........Will hopefully participating in various darts tourneys if time permit.

All d best darters!!!!!!!!