Sunday, November 29, 2009

Nothing much to update about darts lately

Been on the FB n befriended Rita and ADAM Melaka. Rita the one i saw at Pahang Open as well as Melaka Open. Also befriended Tg Hadzalli via FB. Not much of darts xtvts nowadays.
Recently got to know that there is a Darts Tourney at Summit on 19th December.....Double event where u choose ur partner and entry fee is RM50....
As for now, back to football xtvts as well as training to sharpen darts skills...hehehe
Happy darting to all darters outhere!!!

Monday, November 23, 2009

Introduced Darts To My Nephew

My elder brother Yusof came to pay us a visit yesterday together with his family. They were back from UITM Shah Alam collected his daughter's belonging to be brought home to Kuala Nerang. His son, Faiz who is studying in UMS Kota Kinabalu (on holidays) seem interested to know more about Darts and he said he would take up darts seriously if given a chance later.....I briefed him all about darts and let him tried various darts sets at home.....Informed him that Sabahan are loads of darters and they are good ones out there if he is going to explore darts back in Sabah later....If he wants to join the local darts circuit later, i will surely bring him together....Lots of things for him to improve n handle accordingly as i whacked him out at least 6 legs to nil yesterday nite...:)...........We played darts until about 2 am actually when then i xcused myself to go to bed as i needed to attend meeting tomorrow nya.....:)

Been Long Quiet Since Came Back From Melaka Open 2009

Very well..............wanted to know why i was so quiet after d Melaka Open???? :)
I got sicked immediately when reached home on Sunday.....Was having Fever as well as Diarhrea whatever it was la....sakit peruttttt!!! Bcos of food poisoning la rasanya.....Cannot performed darting at all and went down easily to Steve of Trexxers...Steve is Philippino i guessed. Damn this stupid old perut.....been suffering for at least three days and was on MC on the very Monday 16th November 2009....It was quite bad really....I did not take food for two days....Kat mana la aku pi mentekedarah kat Melaka that days......Damn it!!
Coach Tsunami FC contacted aku when i was at the Darts Venue and informed on the possibility of me reaching KL in time as they are having football match with the Juniors Tsunamis....I said i was not able to n damn i right!! I got down to the mystery illness immediately reaching home....
Now I feel much better but not to the earlier injury taken during the football match against Subadron's team......I am still recuperating but luckily no broken bones and what not...:) X Ray revealed nothing ackward at all....Alhamdulillah!!
I browsed d net and registered to ADAM Facebook.....From therein after acceptance, I got to know that Lourance took the Single Event Title of Melaka Open by beaten his compatriot, Robert Culpit. Where d heck r d Malaysian best darters ya? Aiyooooo...

Friday, November 13, 2009

Melaka Open 2009

Melaka i come with an internal injury...:) Got a damage internal tissues inside as a result of the hard hitting football by the opposition when my Tsunami FC defeated the Subadron's Team that very last Saturday's nite at Putrajaya with impressive 5-1 victory.....I put up a splendid form despite havent played football for quite sometime.

Been trained darting for some longer hours in view of the closing darts tourney for d year of 2009......whatever happen, i am happy for being able to participate n contribute for the success of darts in Malaysia......Even if Super G would scoop all d major tourneys champion also, we have to acknowledge that they r d better side....Only we have to train harder to get back even with them n win back those monies they collected in Malaysia.....Perhaps Malaysia team should compete in the Phillippine more often in order to reap victory at their soil as what Tg Hadzali did previously., The famous boxer, Pacquio if i am not mistaken had been so generous in sponsoring many darts tourneys in the Phillippine....Darts is so popular in the Phillippine n no wonder thewy can produce a lot talented stars like those in the Super G Team.....Lourance, Ronald, Robert etc....all tasted victory overseas.....We also can Brothers!!!! If not us, some of our brothers out there can!!!!! Super Malaysian in d making, hopefully!!!!!

Monday, November 2, 2009

More photos at Pahang Open 2009

Photos Pahang Open 2009

One Thing I do Not Like To See At Darts Event

One main thing i do not like to see at most of the Darts venue is liquor consumed by the Malay / Moslem darters. Infact I do not like liquor to be consumed by all actually. It was such ashamed that Moslem darters consumed "Haram" drink whereby other alternatives can be consumed by them. It was not a good example potrayed by some of these high profile individuals. It is a degrading value actually...Hoping for a better value in the future!!

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Single Event on 01.11.09 Pahang Open Darts Tourney 2009

I rushed early in the morning because its has been quite late for me that day. Immediately rushed to the Darts venue and did some practice. I was scheduled to play at no. 6 Dartsboard together with 15 other darters including Md Latip Sapup the runners up of Malaysian Open 2009. My match was chalked by Md Latip. I played against K. W. Lai of FS Darters. This lad probably from Sabah, i supposed. I took the games excellently with a very fast pace. Won 3-1 with some impressive 15-16 darts and 180 score as well. Latip congratulated me and said that i played fantastic darts. I was as usual a reserved lad...:)

I was at the Darts venue when my Blackberry rings. Coach Tsunami FC told me that they had made arrangement for the team to meet the X-Malaysian Players in the friendly football match scheduled to be played at Precint 18 Stadium, Putrajaya on the 7th Nov @ 8 pm.....Wow, what a chance to play against Subadron Aziz, Azmin Azram Abdul Aziz and so on then!! I confirmed my attendance to the Coach immediately. Those who wanted to see me in goal for Tsunami FC are welcome to watch the match at the said venue on Saturday, 7th Nov @ 8 pm.

The second round match was a bit too long to be waited. I went upstairs to the room and relaxed and have had something to eat. I was scheduled to play against this Azmi of Sayong Lembah. I saw him defeated Khairidzaman Ismail with such an ease. He was a fast darter really.
My 2nd Round match was chalked by Kumar if i was not mistaken. He took sometime to go to the loo n we had our few darts on d board. Azmi really fast although not that accurate in d finishing. I too was not that accurate in the finishing n Game went to Azmi 3-0. Chances given were not taken accordingly. Lesson learnt there!!
Coach Amin played at the 5th Board. He cruised easily on the 1st n 2nd matches. But i was not long there to watch all d matches as i need to rush back to KL after checked out at around 2.30 pm. Thus, i did not know who took the Single Title on that day. Even the ladies Single matches also took placed at around 12 noon. Ladies played well too but most of them are dominated by Sabahan, i guessed. People like Monica n Rose were also took part n they won their 1st match easily.

Pahang Open Darts Tourney 2009

I went to Kuantan on Saturday morning. Started off at around 8.30 am and cruised the Highway at an average 140 kmh......It was a smooth journey and we stopped by at Genting Sempah R n R as well as Maran or Gambang R n R if i am not mistaken....Reached Kuantan about 12.30 noon. Checked in at put up at 803 room....Soon, i went to the registration counter for single event and paid RM100 cash. Counter managed by these Sabahan which i knew like Rose (Wife of Sazali Kuda), Monica and a guy. Quite a small room to accommodate all d darters actually. Packed with crowds and team event. One thing i noted was that the dartsboards used are not the tournament standard. They should have provided the diamond ring / wired instead of the normal Harrow board for training. Thus, many darts bounced and scored not that good for the fellow darters.

I took some photos and then went off to Cherating to sight seeing. Led the kids swam in the ocean and took some more photos. What a day! Went to the small village of cherating where they have this Little Bali's place and ramai westerners there. I wud like to be there again for relaxing in the near future.

I went back to the hotel at around 7 pm.....relaxing n did normal stuff like bathing, praying and so forth. We had dinner at one of the outside restaurant..Pretty tasty too. Perhaps might b bcos of too hungry kot....:) Went back to the hotel and straight to the Darts venue. Team event still on with the final where Super G took on All4i darters from Labuan.....Eventually, Super G again took on the Team Title. They played splendid darts too. I admired this Loerence Ilagan...Thin lad of Philippines but a very good darter himself...He shot magnificent darts!!

Photos were taken on the prize giving ceremony on all d teams affected but i have yet to publish it here....:)