Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Been Silence for So Long

I have been quiet for soo long already.....Actually went for holidays to Hong Kong and Shenzhen, China with family. Damn tired after the trip.

We paid a visit to Hong Kong Disney too. We took opportunity to see most of the shows there as well as took photos with most of the cartoon characters esp Buzz Lightyear........hehehe

We also paid a visit to Window of the World in Shenzhen, China. Most of the notable landscapes of the world are there but on a smaller scale a bit. Seem like you are travelling all around the globe when u reached Window of the World...:)

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

NBSC Darts Tourney 2010 Result

Congrats to Maybank for becaming Champion 2010 and cheers as well to RHB as 1st Runner Up. We did pretty bad this year eventhough we played well but overall, the team need vast improvement in term of scoring as well as finishing.....Captain Marvel also unable to rescue the team with his big scoring figures when the team members cannot assist in finishing the leg / match......

During the single event, Captain managed to scare spectators as well as the opponent with twice 140s, 100 etc n eventually checked the 1st leg.....but came to the 2nd n 3rd legs, Captain unable to prevent eventuality where he was unable to checkout despite leading the points led to failure to advance to the 2nd round of the knockout event.....Damned!!!!

Team event started well the next morning where we went down to RHB but Captain managed to win his single match....We defeated HSBC B in the following match.. Captain maintain his single match winning.....We also did very well in defeating Maybank with Captain again won his single match......Last match in the group saw CIMB fell to SCB where Captain again went down to Akram 1-2....The same scored when i went down to him in the Single event before despite taken big scoring points as well......

Overall, Captain satisfied with his performance despite some nervy n unlucky situation that prevented a better result for the team as well as individual....Hoping for better luck next year!!..:)

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

NBSC Tourney 2010

Selection was made yesterday but sadly only ngam2 turned up. Usual old faces lorr....:). Thus, trained as usual but i really did not like to be at the Pantry Semantan.....since three years ago....the environment is not to my like la kot...Performance also like shit jugak la there compare to when i played outside......Will see whether the same goes like yester years...Will see whether jaguh Pantry oso having the same fate like yester years......

I will take lead the team which only have about 9 days to prepare.....See where it goes this time!!

Sunday, April 25, 2010

InterBank Tourney 2010

Its time for darting again to all bankers in the Klang Valley. Tourney will start on 07th May but venue is still unknown to us. Selection process for us start on 28th April. Already alerted darter frens for them to get prepared. Hopefully to meet new faces in the selection so that varieties can be choosed after by the Coach and may the best prevail!!

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Latest News

It seem that nothing much to be done in view of nursing injury kat side knee bcos of footballing xtvts...played two matches at Goodyear Shah Alam and Shah Alam Politeknik with a win and another lose to the Tsunami FC....Picked up the knee injury when played at Shah Alam Poli last week.....Not much of darting xtvts xcept that ongoing training at home and it seem that the scoring improved a lot.

Other bothering thing is family members were hospitalised due to various illnesses....Father warded when he fell down at home while sister was in ICU due to heart problem.. on and off visited them hometown....Office also busy with transformation of function n I am not certain whether I would be joining them or move somewhere else... goes on...........

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Sembang2 Kosong

I met Ahyaruddin kat LG MBC this morning. He informed that katanya ada dartsboard dipasang di 24th Floor.....Well,,,,,thats good least staff could utilise the board to practice darts.....what about the Retail Collection dartsboards (ada dua katanya kat sana)? Maybe they can produce darts players baru for the Bank kot.....Din also informed yang dia main for Amin's team di dalam Liga organised by Amin Alley kat Ampang Chahaya...Thats good..At least he is practising...I told him that i went to K Klub last week n the layout was different nowadays....I also told him that i have been darting at home every now and then just to ensure a quality darting maintained. Others like Jega, Senu , Sam n so forth also practiced at their offices in view of the coming tourneys soon..

Happy Darting to all..........:)

Recent Darts Activities

I went to K Klub Tmn Melawati on last Thursday nite in view of invitation by Zet n Rita as there are double tourney coming soon at PJ Hilton on the 28th.....Dah lama sangat x main darts outside n they had a few times ajak to spar there,,,,so i finally went to the K Klub.....Msg Rita n Zet to ensure that they are there lah....Rita answered that she was in Muar fetching her mother. Zet just reached K Klub when i msg her and i arrived soon after that.....Did not know that there was a Wild Draw Darts there in......The room was full of smokes and those darters who are drunk.....noisy environment but still able to practice as there are boards which they did not utilise for the matches..............K Klub had transformed into different layout since the last i went there i.e. masa NBSC Darts Tourney 2009..
Played against Zet for two games and I won both games with 2-0....I guessed i have found the perfect darts set to be able to obtain an average of about 80s per 3 well as effectiveness of training at home regularly..:)............there it goes Barney set as well as The Power set..................Yeahhhhhhhhhhhh

Sunday, January 31, 2010

Mini Darts Centre at home ..:)

I have turned one of the rooms at home to be mini darts centre for myself to practice.....:) It was comfortable and joy to have various darts set and few dartboards to cater for adult and kids too......see the photo to appreciate...As for now, unable to go to the DSP Tomyam Seafood to enquire who is d owner of the Darts Centre there....Four dartboards there but it seem quiet during the day where probably the owner is busy with the handling of workshop next to the centre.....