Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Photo our Coach Amin Abdul Ghani

Photos Champion!!

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

More cerita............Darts

Team CIMB went on to enter the NBSC Tourney in 2008 which was held at K Klub Tmn Melawati. Again I was selected to represent CIMB after selection was conducted at Semantan’s pantry. We were again coached by Encik Amin Abdul Ghani. Jaguh2 Pantry Semantan were also selected bcos they played mostly everyday there when they did not have driving assignments out there. Jega, Din, Senu, Zali and the newcomer Sam had a practice there and they became quite good darters by then. I was practicing most of the times at home bcos I have 4 dartsboards i.e. Nodor Intersports, Winmau Blade III and Calsberg Winmau (2). In addition, I have hectic schedules at the office and my office is not that near to Jln Semantan. We had few friendly matches where we won against HSBC (2X) at the B Sentral and lose against CB Darters.
NBSC single event took place a day earlier at K Klub. I went on to beat opposition started with the Maybank player who had beaten me in 2007 at the quarterfinal. I went on to beat few more players until the semi-final where I supposed interruption from the team members had bothered my concentration against Mathi @ Mathew of RHB and I lose 0-2. But I had a quick recovery to beat Faizal 2-0 of AMBANK to capture 3rd place in the single event. I was so delighted to manage a few steps ahead of the rest and improve my performance since 2007. CIMB however only managed to get 5th place in the team event when we somehow lose POWER!!...Disaster when we ate too much during the lunch break…
About two week after, we entered MIBA Tourney which was also held at K Klub. The same team went on to compete against other Investment Banks. We had a tough challenge in the 1st match where we hold on to beat them 2-1. We then beat MIDF Team that seems to be quite tough too. I went to beat their single player 2-0. No chance given to him. In the final, CIMB faced Maybank and I went on to beat the single player 2-1. The rest was depending on the double team of Jega n Din to pounce Maybank. After relentless darts throws to check at double 9, Din finally able to finish off the set. CIMB Group was MIBA Champion for 2008. Everyone was joyous with the achievement. After the tournaments, Team went to play few friendly matches outside like Securities Comm and DBKL and we won the bouts.

Photos CIMB Darters

More on Darts

The revival of Zaidi’s darts came into the picture when CIMB announced the selection of darts players back in 2007. He was thinking at that time that it is good to try and attended the selection as darts did not require so much physical energy compared to the football activities that he had undergone with the Tsunami FC. Lots of strenuous exercises as well as the pain endured when injured.
The selection was held at CIMB Semantan (pantry) and it was there that he met Encik Amin Abdul Ghani , the Malaysian Player / Asia Pacific Champion 2006 who was entrusted to coach the CIMB Darters to enter the NBSC as well as MIBA Tourneys on that year. The very first time the Bank entered the darts tourney. Majority of the staff attended did not even played darts before. Just a few to name yang pernah main darts like En. Ramli Abu, Bro. Othman Md Dom, Jega and myself….Tu pun dah sekian lama menyepikan diri dari permainan darts ini…hehe..:)….Selection went on for three days and later the coach announced the listed players…I was included as well…Thank God. Coach gave valuable advice and tips on how to becoming a better darter.
We went on to compete in the NBSC Tourney which was held at 1 Club. We managed to get 4th place in the team event despite been new to the darts arena of NBSC…and I went on to qualify to the quarterfinal of the single event despite without a moral support and encouragement from the whole team. Nobody in the team expected me to go as far as that but I seem to know it because I had experience from the land of Darts / Crafty Cockney’s homeland i.e. The Great Britain. In the MIBA Darts Tourney, we had managed to obtain 3rd place. Again, Maybank dominated the darts arena.

During the same time, I had represented Zone 10 in the Shah Alam Veteran Futsal Tourney organised by MBSA and we went on to win the category with RM1,500 prize money.

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

More on Darts / Football

When Zaidi joined Group Internal Audit of BBMB back in 1993, football was his passion. He played football a lot. Internal Audit Team was the best team as they comprised of young football stars plus the veteran players and we played a lot of friendly matches as well entered local tourneys. One of the memorable tourney was the Chairman's Cup back in 1993 where Audit combined with Credit Control Office. We played against the KL Branch which comprised of the Bank's footballers at the PULAPOL pitch. These bunch of players of us just took it easy and had a laugh before the match while those of KL Branch, trained n warm up b4 the match. In the match, they had a series of attacks at our goal but could not beat the goalie (of course la me) or the tiang gol. Our team just had a lone strike at their goal and it produced the only goal during the first half (goal scored by Bro Joe Ghazali). KL Branch even had a penalty kick taken but then could not scored. They were mad and furious during the interval. Audit players rested and smoked and laugh at each others.

2nd half was even more lively with series of another attacks been taken by KL Br players. Zaidi stood firm and foiled them. Just for the unlucky strike by the opponent striker only where defender Zainal Abidin could not blocked and it went underneath him and was not able to be seen by Zaidi d Goalkeeper. The ball went in. 1-1 the scoresheet until the end of the match. A lot of praises went to the Goalie....He went on to display courages agility until we were beaten 1-0 in the quarterfinal by the Mgmt Team (Office Boys Team maa) at the TPCA ground...Again he went on to save another penalty kick taken by the Mgmt Team.

When in the GIA, we had a series of annual sports where we introduced Darts. My team won the event several times and i kept all those medal as a momento from the past. Football was still my passion where i went on to play for Prudential Assurance in the 3rd Division of KL League. I also went to play in the friendly matches for Kg Bharu Branch, Kelana Jaya Branch, Muadzam shah Branch as well as played for Kerteh br at Petronas Stadium during night match against one of the branches there. What a memorable times!!

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Continuation from the intro

Zaidi went back to Malaysia in 1990. Served AMFB in Jln Dato Lau Pak Khuan, Ipoh Gdn and entered AFCM Perak Darts Tourney in 1991 partnered Raja Annuar Jonaidi (Dato' Raja Ahmad Zainuddin's nephew) who never played darts b4. Zaidi swept all opponents in the preliminary rounds until the team reached final. Mayban was the opponent but they changed tactic and hosted the final n also the match system. Double in double out. Mangkuk hayun Mayban. AMFB tak menjadi and only managed 1st runner-up. OK for the start though. At the same time, Zaidi went on to play football for AMFB in the same tourney and AMFB became AFCM Perak Champion for the 1st time defeated Mayban Finance 2-0 in the final. :)

Afterthat, all football for Zaidi n he never looked back on Darts.

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Intro on owner of Zaidi-za1darter..:)

Zaidi came to play darts when he was in the United Kingdom (to be precise in Newcastle Upon Tyne) back in 1988. He played football so much at that time where he represented the Malaysian students for Newcastle as well as joined the league in the University and the Polytechnic leagues under two different football team i.e. The Overseas Society (mosly Arab students) and the B.A. Sports Studies.....Never came accross in his heart that he wanted to pursue darts so much at that time because he felt that it was just a stupid game played by the British...hehehe :)...but he did buy one cheap dartsboard and threw so much darts until the surface of the dartsboard became abbrasive n tertanggal materialnya ke lantai where cleaner have to clear it at the Lovaine Hall of Residence almost everyday...:)

He went on to buy a competition Nodor Inter Sport Bristle Dartsboard n then baru le ada kick main darts.....skills picked up from there n from those darts games / match played in the TV by local heroes like Eric Bristow, Keith Deller, John Lowe, Bobby Anderson, Jocky Wilson, Paul Lim etc....Eric Bristow was his favourite players (The Crafty Cockney)...and through Bristow la, Phil "The Power" Taylor was introduced to the competition darts....Bristow sort of sponsored (of course to be repaid) Taylor of 10,000 pound to be used in the local competition entered..Taylor went on to become a legend in darts just like Bristow but only unable to obtain "Sir" from Queen of England like Bristow did....