Wednesday, April 28, 2010

NBSC Tourney 2010

Selection was made yesterday but sadly only ngam2 turned up. Usual old faces lorr....:). Thus, trained as usual but i really did not like to be at the Pantry Semantan.....since three years ago....the environment is not to my like la kot...Performance also like shit jugak la there compare to when i played outside......Will see whether the same goes like yester years...Will see whether jaguh Pantry oso having the same fate like yester years......

I will take lead the team which only have about 9 days to prepare.....See where it goes this time!!

Sunday, April 25, 2010

InterBank Tourney 2010

Its time for darting again to all bankers in the Klang Valley. Tourney will start on 07th May but venue is still unknown to us. Selection process for us start on 28th April. Already alerted darter frens for them to get prepared. Hopefully to meet new faces in the selection so that varieties can be choosed after by the Coach and may the best prevail!!