Monday, February 11, 2013

New Name for Zaidi "Brocco"

From 2013 onwards, i would like to be known as Zaidi "Brocco" The Clutcher" in the darts events. The Clutcher is actually given by Eddie Putera (you know the famous photographer in Malaysia nowadays) to me when we were in the Malay College 1985/1987 undergone our GCE A Level studies before proceeded to the UK universities. I was the goalkeeper for the U-20 College Team as well as the goalie for the famous All Black A Level MCKK Team. MY form was the best at tha times where we have beaten almost every team we played in Kuala Kangsar be it the league team or the estate teams from nearby. The team also went to RMC Sg Besi to compete in the annual 1996 tournament organised between the famous two colleges in Malaysia. I plucked various crosses and made lots of point blanks saves during my heyday at the MCKK. I also played for the Newcastle Malaysia Students in the Annual Malaysian game where Newcastle Team was top in the UK. And whilst in the UK as well i was introduced to Darts.....Not by anyone but when this sport was aired in the TV much of the times. Eric Bristow The Crafty Cockney was the legend at that time. I became hooked at it and started collected darts set (cheapo ones) and dartboard as well. My room was later turned into the darts battling station amongs my good friends. But at that time, football is still my passion because i played in the university league as well as for the Islamic Society Team competed in the other tournament. ZAIDI BROCCO THE CLUTCHER!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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